Component Vs Coaxial Speakers?

Component Vs Coaxial Speakers are the two broad categories of speakers that can be used when building or upgrading car sound systems. The most common type is the coaxial speaker, found in virtually every OEM car stereo system that comes off the line.

Each of these speakers contains more than one driver, allowing them to produce a wide range of audio frequencies. Component speakers are less common but are often relied upon by audiophiles when building high-performance car audio systems. Each of these speakers is made up of a single driver, so they are designed to produce only high, mid, or low tones.

Component Vs Coaxial Speakers: (Differences, Pros/Cons)

What are Coaxial Speakers?

Coaxial speakers are often called “full range” speakers because they are designed to reproduce a wider range of audio frequencies from a single unit. These speakers contain the same types of drivers found in component speakers, but they are combined to save money and space. The most common setup is a woofer with a tweeter mounted above it, but there are also 3-way coaxial speakers that contain a woofer, midrange, and tweeter.

Coaxial car speakers were introduced in the early 1970s, and most OEM car audio systems now use full-range speakers, as OEM car audio system design typically prioritizes cost over quality. These speakers are also available from a variety of aftermarket car audio vendors, and replacing factory car speakers with high-quality aftermarket units is often the most cost-effective car audio upgrade available.

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Coaxial speakers are two-way speakers, designed to take up less space. Unlike cone speakers, they include a tweeter and crossover in order to offer better sound quality.

Coaxial speakers not only offer better sound but also more installation options, save a lot of space, and are a good compromise between sound quality and price.

In a nutshell, they are a great compromise between performance, price, and ease of use, which is why they are the most popular type of speaker.

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Are coaxial speakers good for the car?

Yes, of course, they are designed especially for this use, but if you want, there are 8-ohm coaxial speakers that are used both for domestic use, but also outside such as in bars.

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What are the advantages of using coaxial speakers?

Coaxial speakers are used because they are cheaper, easier to install, and take up much less space.

They are also much easier to balance, as the sound comes from the same point rather than being distributed.

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What to Look for Before Buying a Coaxial Speaker?

The most important is definitely the mounting depth, being that it will determine how easy or difficult it is to install the speakers.

Ideally, they should fit into existing speaker stands, thus making assembly very simple.

Frequency response is also important because the wider it is, the more sounds are transmitted to the speakers.

In fact, speakers with a wide range produce excellent bass and treble, which contribute to making the sound rich and well structured.

The last thing to consider is the power rating which must match that of the amplifier.

How many types of speakers are there?

As mentioned before there are several types of speakers in circulation, such as:

  • Coaxial
  • Midrange
  • Tweeter
  • Super Tweeter
  • Midwoofer
  • Subwoofer
  • Woofer

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What are Component Speakers?

The human hearing range is about 20 to 20,000 Hz, and that spectrum is generally divided into a handful of different categories when it comes to speaker technology. Component speakers each drive a single portion, or component, of that range. The higher frequencies are created by the tweeters, the lower by the woofers, and mid-range speakers fit in between those extremes. Since component speakers each contain a cone and driver, they fit neatly into those categories.


These speakers cover the upper end of the audio spectrum from around 2,000 to 20,000 Hz. A lot of attention is paid to bass, but high-quality tweeters often play a big role in filling out an audio soundscape. These speakers are named after the birds’ high-pitched tweets.

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Media Game

The midrange of the audible spectrum consists of sounds ranging from 300 to 5,000 Hz, so there is some overlap between midrange speakers and tweeters.


Deep bass, falling in the 40 to 1,000 Hz range, is handled by woofers. There is also some overlap between woofers and midrange speakers, but midrange speakers are typically not capable of producing the dog-like woofers for which woofers are named.

There are also a few special component speakers that can provide extra fidelity at the ends of the audio spectrum.

Super Tweeters

These speakers are sometimes capable of producing ultrasonic frequencies that are beyond the normal range of human hearing, and their bottom ends are significantly higher than the 2,000 Hz that normal tweeters handle. This allows the super tweeters to produce high-frequency sounds without any distortion.

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Like super tweeters, subwoofers are designed to provide higher quality sound at one end of the audio spectrum. Consumer-grade subwoofers typically operate in the 20 to 200 Hz range, but professional stereos may be limited to frequencies below 80 Hz.

Which ones are better in cars?

Component and coaxial speakers have advantages and disadvantages, so there is no simple answer to the question of which is better. Some of the strengths that each option offers include:

Full Range Coaxial Speakers:

  • less expensive
  • direct fit
  • You don’t need crossovers


  • Superior sound quality
  • More customization

Component speakers are undeniably better in terms of sound quality, but full-range speakers are less expensive and easier to install. Since most OEM systems use full-range speakers, upgrading is typically a matter of simply dropping in new speakers.

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If budget or ease of installation is the main concern, then full-range speakers will be the best choice. High-quality full-range speakers may not be able to match or exceed component speakers, but they can still provide a good listening experience.

However, component speakers provide a much greater opportunity for customization. In addition to the fact that component speakers provide better sound quality, each speaker can be individually positioned to create the ideal soundscape for a particular vehicle. If sound quality is more important than budget or time, then component speakers are the answer.

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