Curly Hairstyles For Men’s: 10 cool ideas

Some men with curly hair may think that finding the perfect haircut or style for them can be difficult. What can be true is that this type of hair takes more time to fix, but in the same way there are always advantages to having curly hair.

Curls add texture and volume, of course, to the hairstyle without the need for products or effort to make it look good. For Curly Hairstyles For Men’s, there is a wide variety of haircuts available, more than you might think.

In addition, this can be a very sexy look, as men can combine their curls with a cut to look modern and versatile. This time, you will discover many different hairstyles for Curly Hairstyles For Men’s, from short or long and also the ones that are most in trend. Take note!

Curly Hairstyles For Men’s

If you have your hair curly and short, or just curly and you want to have a shorter style than what you already have, then you can choose one of the 5 that we will show you below. From the haircut with bangs, with a bow, with a line back, low on the sides and high up and the messy one.

Short curly hairstyles can be great to wear in the spring and summertime, and they are also popular because they are easy to wear and maintain, in fact, the best haircuts for men with curly hair often start with these styles. .

If your hair is not of that volume, then simply with a styling cream or a sea salt spray, you could leave your hair with a natural texture and that it remains for a long time.

1.- Cut with fringe / curly pompadour

It consists of bringing the hair in the lower part very low with a machine and letting the curls in the front part fall as if it were a fringe or combing it up as a pompadour.

Cut with fringe curly pompadour

2.- Mushroom cut

It consists of having the hair in the bob style or the famous mushroom cut and leaving the curls that fall around our head.

Cuts for short curly hair

3.- Low curl haircut

It would be to have the hair as low as possible, the part of the sideburns can be cut with a machine. A fresh and modern look.

 Short curly haircuts

4.- Medium low cut with curls

A bit like 3 but leaving it a bit longer.

Medium low cut with curls

5.- Striped and defined

Keep the hair very low on the sides and below and leave the most abundant in the part of the center at the top. Define the structure with a line.

Short curly haircuts

Cuts for curly and long hair

This type of hair for men can be the most difficult to control, style and tame, however, with a good product you can accommodate it well. The man with long curly hair can use a bow or simply drop her curls naturally.

If you are a person with a lot of frizz or oily hair, remember to wash your hair regularly. Natural oil may also help you control your curls.

The messy hair, but with curls beautiful will always be a favorite for many girls, so if you want a change in you and you to have your hair curly/wavy, you can let it grow and inspire of the following images.

1.- Loose long curly

A very wild and sexy look for men.

Loose long curly

2.- Half bow and loose

A very modern and fresh look.

Half bow and loose

3.- Full bun

This hairstyle is very artistic and sexy for men with long hair.

Full bun

4.- Medium long loose

A little tousled but loose, a good look for all men.

Medium long loose

5.- Modern Afro

The curls would be a little looser and the difference to the mushroom cut is that it is a little longer and not as structured.

Modern Afro

How to care for and manage curly hair in men?

Moisture and frizz can be the worst enemy of men with curly hair. Well, it can be difficult to control, but it is not necessary to wash it every day or as often (if you do not suffer from oily hair) as straight hair.

Many experts recommend sulfate-free shampoos for men with curly hair, this is because they contain fewer harsh chemicals that remove the natural oil from the hair.

Another recommendation is to try to avoid drying with a hairdryer and try to dry in the natural air, however, in the winter, there is no problem that you advance drying with a hairdryer if you do not want to suffer from the cold.

But, in addition, to have a beautiful shape of the curlers, so that after washing they take their natural and beautiful shape, the hair should be left a little damp, in this way the curls will maintain their shape for a long time.

Do not brush your hair when it is dry and also try to avoid brushing it when it is wet, it is not necessary, as it is not like straight hair that needs to be stretched. If you brush it dry, it may grip an odd shape and make your hair look like it’s burned.

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