Haircuts for 50-year-old WOMEN

If you are more than 50 years old and you are looking for a change of look to look more beautiful than you are or you want to change your style here you can find what you are needing, we bring many ideas of hairstyles and haircuts for WOMEN of 50 years. Keep reading the post to start this tour.

If you are 50 years old or older you can look beautiful!

Those of us who have reached 50 years of age know that our body has suffered and undergoes many changes. The hormonal alteration, which has been acting from the age of 40, produces changes in the skin, the body in general, and of course the hair.

At this point in life, a woman already knows what she wants, she has her firm work activity, her family, and projects that govern her life. They are women with a defined personality, but wanting to make some changes. Women always want to renew themselves, and especially if they enter new stages of life.

At 50 Short Hair or Long Hair?

The long hair to really look should be very healthy, and we know that for 50 years hair loses vitality and energy, so you need extraordinary nourishing treatments. If you want to know how to make your hair grow fast and strong, read the following article, 8 ways to accelerate hair growth.

1-Long straight hair without bangs

Long straight hair without bangs

This cut is ideal for women who have a work activity that needs formality and of course time to be able to maintain it.

2- Long Straight Hair with Bangs

raight Hair with Bangs

We already know that the fringe always gives an air of youth, refreshes the face, but let’s be careful, we must see if it favors us according to the shape of the face.

Melenas … ideal

Long hair is the transition cut if you don’t dare to cut it very short!

3- The Bob Cut with bangs on one side gives freshness to a mature woman. The lack of rigidity in the hairstyle clears the face and gives luminosity.

 Bob Cut with bangs

4-A Medium Hair with some color that illuminates the face will undoubtedly give freshness. If you would like to make a change of look, we recommend that you read 10 modern haircuts for medium hair.

Haircuts for 50-year-old WOMEN Short hair?

Adult women with short hair were always identified because they help to clear the face and less care is needed.

But today they are not used only for that, today short hair is a trend. And we can see, from a very short pixie to one with volume or almost a half mane. Read more about pixie cuts pixie cut: 5 recommendations.

5- With an authentic pixie cut, we can see Jamie Lee Curtis looking splendid with her gray hair, highlighting her face and cleavage.

authentic pixie cut

6.A short blonde hair that is shredded, removes formality, giving movement and freshness.

blonde hair

Respect the gray hair

Most of the time women try to look younger by removing gray hair, but we can see in the following examples that healthy and well-treated hair, of course with a well-cut, a woman of 50 years or more can look beautiful, elegant and youth

7- We can see a beautiful lady with a pixie painted gray.

We can see a beautiful lady with a pixie painted gray

8. A well-groomed bob gives elegance to a woman who does not resist wearing her hair white.

hair white


If you are over 50 years old, you can encourage yourself to use different colors in your hair. They are a sign of great personality and illuminate the face, and the skin that at this stage of life is dull.

9- Duality of colors in curly hair

curly hair

10- Intense red to illuminate

Intense red to illuminate

These are our 10 recommended haircuts for WOMEN over 50, but there is still much more, we have more than 150 recommendations for combing your hair and cutting your hair below …

WOMEN over 50

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