Hairstyles for Men with Straight Hair – 10 Modern Hairstyles

If you are a man and you were born with silky straight hair, you are lucky. Pretty much any type of haircut or hairstyle looks good on you. You can wear it long and it will fit you well, you can wear it and also her hair fits perfectly. If you want a change of look, we recommend 10 Hairstyles for Men with Straight Hair very modern hairstyles in fashion.

Whether you want one fade an undercut, comb your hair into a style hand hairstyle fachero , everything will be fine. And, if you have a lot of hair, even better, you can prepare for the coming season with a new look and surprise everyone.

Whether you want to combine your cut with or without a beard, with a gradient, waves, combing it forward or backward, everything is perfect. Unlike men with curly hair, they can have a fade cut, but combing it back is impossible, although it does look good, but the hair is usually much heavier when it is curly.

You can also comb it up, comb it with the tips up spiky style, pointed for much more style and well, you have endless options.

If your hair grows very fast and you already have to pay a visit to the barber, then it is time for you to be inspired by these 10 ideas of very modern hairstyles in straight haircuts for men. Choose the one that best suits you.

10 straight haircuts for modern men

1.- Long straight undercut

The first of the 10 straight haircuts for men is this long straight undercut. However, there is not as much gradient at the bottom but you can see a bit. If you have long hair, take advantage and go for knurling so that the ends stand out much more. Comb it forward creating a very fashionable straight fringe style.

Long straight undercut

2.- Long fade with gradient

The fade is one of the haircuts where the hair is faded with the razor towards the sides of the head. The hair is cut to a much longer length at the top of the head giving the opportunity to style it in various ways. In this case, it is leaving it long and combing it back. Although, it can also be like the next photo.

Long fade with gradient

3.- Long fade with waves

The level at which you leave the fading to the sides of your head is going to depend on your taste. If you want it very low, almost at the level of the scalp, it is also possible. However, in this idea, the model wears a long fade hairstyle as long as it looks like the hair has very nice waves . The fading or gradient is not that low which makes a perfect match.

Long fade with waves

4.- Straight hairstyle towards atria with gradient

It could be a fade type, but there is a bit more hair on top of the head and the layered gradient from the top. Combing your hair back when having straight hair is very moderate, sexy and attractive, perfect for any elegant event.

Straight hairstyle towards atria with gradient

5.- Backwards with little gradient

A hairstyle similar to the previous one but the gradient does not go, but it is kept short but not at the level of the scalp. It is a very elegant hairstyle, again sexy and of course super sophisticated. You can wear it with a beard or without a beard.

Backwards with little gradient

6.- Bowl cut style

We miss this cut, you may think it is a bit funny, but in reality, it is a cut that can be seen among many models on catwalks of luxury brands. Whether to do it or not will depend on your tastes. You can apply a gradient on the sides and leave the fringe not so straight, although the essence of the bowl cut would be lost. The typical cut is that you take a bowl to obtain the shape of this and thus cut the hair.

Bowl cut style

7.- Modern straight hairstyle

If you have a lot of hair with a lot of volumes, let it grow on top and cut it on the sides. The best thing about having long, straight hair is to comb it back to look like totally fashionable elegant hair. If there are days when you don’t want to comb your hair back, you can wear it to the side or part the hair at the top of the center in half so that each part of the center falls to the side. In this way you can combine several hairstyles with a single cut.

Modern straight hairstyle

8.- Long and straight on the shoulders

Men with long straight hair look incredibly fashionable , many may not have this hairstyle, but instead if you are the lucky one with straight hair, then let it grow out and comb it to the side or back making it fall naturally. You decide if with a beard or not. You can turn it into a rocker, hipster, classy or model hairstyle.

Long and straight on the shoulders

9.- Crest to one side with a gradient

If you have long, straight hair, take advantage of a very fashionable cut that is the ridge that falls to the side and, without leaving the fade or fades done with the razor on the sides of the hair. It would be like a hairstyle or fade cut, but instead of backward or forwards, it would be to the side, very fashionable and different.

 Crest to one side with a gradient

10.- Straight hairstyle to one long side

It is a hairstyle similar to the previous one but, it has its differences. Instead of cutting it, let it grow to one side and apply an all-uniform fade on the other. This look is very rock, post punk, grunge style , very fashionable and perfect for men who have long, straight hair.

Straight hairstyle to one long side

If you have long and straight hair, we hope that one of these 10 straight haircuts for men, these modern hairstyles you have liked and you can apply it for the next time you visit the barber. Remember that if you are going for a side fade, you have to do it every few days to keep the fade at the length you like.

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