How To Connect Speakers To Lg Tv?

The continued success of the LG company over time is no secret to anyone. Achieving a position in the market with excellent high-tech devices. As are its incredible smartphones and its wide range of advanced televisions. While you already enjoy great audio with your TV, we know that connecting speakers to an LG TV will give you superior sound quality.

We tell you everything about how to connect speakers to an LG TV using different systems, as well as a little anecdote that you may not have known. What you surely do know is that LG has always been in charge of offering the best to its customers. Therefore, it has always integrated different types of audio output connections on its televisions.

Due to the different connections that your LG TV model may have and the speaker input, you will no longer have to worry. Here we have taken care preparing a complete guide for you to improve their audio through external connection sources.

Systems to connect the speakers to your LG smart Tv

Depending on the model of your LG, whether it is an old one or even the most recent, we present the different systems to use according to the audio output connection. Beforehand, we want to remind you that these systems also vary according to the type of input connection that the loudspeaker has.

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For LG TV with audio output via HDMI cable ( ARC )

The most common loudspeakers do not have this input connection by themselves. In general, these are usually 3.5 mm Jack input or RC. This leads to using an external source that allows you to convert all the transmission through compatible ports.

We recommend investing in an HDMI to HDMI + Audio Converter or Audio Extractor, whose main function will be to link the speakers to the TV via HDMI easily and quickly.

  • Just link the HDMI input of the HDMI (ARC) cable coming from the TV to the TV. View image:
  • Next, you connect the speaker cable to the Stereo audio output port and that’s it.
How to connect speakers to LG tv
How to connect speakers to LG tv

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For LG with RCA cable audio output

For models with an RCA cable option, it works bidirectionally. That means it gives you the benefit of sending and receiving audio between the TV and the external equipment, which in this case is the speaker. However, you will need an RCA Adapter to connect it using its Jack-type cable.

  • Connect the white ( R ) and red ( L ) RCA cables to the audio output of your television.
  • Then connect the other end of the cables to the adapter.
  • Finish by connecting the adapter to the speaker’s Jack cable and you have it.

For LG television with Optical cable audio output ( Optical Digital Audio Out )

Such a system requires the use of a Digital Audio to Analog Audio Converter. Being the one Digital Audio, represented by the audio output of the LG TV, and analog Audio the one originated by the speaker.

Optical Digital Audio Out
Optical Digital Audio Out

An interesting aspect of using this connection system is the great sound quality that can be transmitted through this cable. Since, like the RCA cable, it provides an improvement in the sound, avoiding interference.

  • Connect the speaker cable to the converter through the jack port on one side.
  • Now make the connection from the optical cable connector, coming from the audio output of the LG TV, to the converter.

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With Minijack cable audio output

This may be one of the most peculiar features of LG TVs and what sets them apart from other brands on the market.

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  • While most mobile devices use the 3. 5mm stereo headphone output most home audio systems with an amplifier or receiver use RCA jacks for audio inputs.
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Minijack cable audio output
Minijack cable audio output

Of course, the only detail for it to work depends on the compatibility of the speaker cable, whose input connection must also be a Minijack. Otherwise, you must use an adapter that solves the transmission of this signal.

With Bluetooth Audio output

Just pair any Bluetooth-enabled speaker or audio device and you’ll start enjoying all the entertainment. Of course, this system is only possible if your model is a Smart TV since such integrated connectivity is not found in older models.

  • Navigate with the remote to: [ Additional Settings ] > [ Sound ] > [ Sound Output ] > [ if this is the first time Select Device ] > [ Set sound output to Bluetooth ].

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Did you know that some LG TVs come with their own speakers?

That’s right, it could be said that only the most recent models already integrate the so-called “ internal speakers ” into their system. For this reason, we have not emphasized how to connect speakers to LG LED TV. Because you can use some of the systems explained above, by having the same audio output connections. In addition, several of these models also have their internal speakers.

The only step you have to do to activate this alternative, in case you don’t have external speakers, is to configure the sound output in settings.

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