How To Connect Speakers To Pc?

Nothing like listening to the audio of the videos or that song that we like so much through the headphones or speakers, getting greater appreciation. However, when you are not familiar with the connections that the output ports of your computer have, you miss out on taking advantage of these advantages. With this variety of configurations, it is possible to connect your speakers, ignoring how old your computer is.

Learn about adapters and internal configurations that your PC or laptop has that you may not even know. Take advantage of those speakers you have on hand and enjoy the experience with better audio.

Connect Bluetooth speakers to windows pc

If we talk about comfort, sound quality, and good range, it is best to connect Bluetooth speakers to a PC. The reason is simple, and it is that you do not need to invest in auxiliary cables or adapters; in addition to staying close to your computer to hear all the sound. Being able then to move them to a nearby room or a better position, this being a little further away.

Bluetooth speakers only require an initial pairing with your computer and you’re good to go. The next few times it will connect automatically without even asking you for authorization. Let us see how you can perform this action for Windows PC.

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  • From the main screen, select the Start icon with the Windows logo to begin.
  • Then go to the [ Settings ] section whose symbol looks like a tool nut. Open the option by clicking with the mouse.
  • Press the alternative of [ Devices ] and later where it says [ Bluetooth and other devices ]. Now proceed to activate the blue tab to turn on the Bluetooth of your computer. Likewise, you must turn on the Bluetooth of the speaker by pressing its respective button.
  • Locating yourself on the screen again, click where it says [ Add Bluetooth or another device]. From this moment on, the PC will start searching for the Bluetooth name of the speaker.
  • Once found, select their name and they will be paired automatically. Press [ Done ].
  • Now by clicking on the start icon again, type the word “ Audio ” in the search bar.
  • Choose the option that says [ Manage Audio Devices ]. Which will open a “ Sound ” window where you should look at the name of the already paired Bluetooth device. Select, followed by [ Default ] > [ OK ].

If your case is more about how to connect Bluetooth speakers to Windows 7 PC, here is the procedure. Something quite fast compared to the previous one:

  • Also press the start icon, followed by [ Settings ] > [ Control Panel ] > [ Bluetooth devices ]. Then, a window will appear for searching for powered on and nearby devices.
  • Making sure to turn on the Bluetooth speaker , select the options [ Add ] > [ My device is installed and ready to be found ] > [ Next ] > [ Bluetooth name ] > [ Next ].
  • To finish, now you must click on [ Allow me to choose my own password ] in which you are going to write [ 0000 ] four zeros. Then click [ Finish ] > [ OK ].

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Connect by USB

Connecting speakers to a PC via USB is one of the fastest alternatives when it comes to cable connection. It is only compatible if your speaker also has this input, otherwise, you will have to use a converter that allows it.

  • Identify the USB port on your computer and insert the end of the cable.
  • Take the other end and plug in the speaker.
  • Check the connection well by adjusting the volumes between the speaker and the PC.
How To Connect Speakers To Pc
How To Connect Speakers To Pc

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Other ways to connect speakers to a computer or Laptop

Still not solving the problem? Don’t worry, we still have some extra recommendations that are sure to be identified with your solution on how to connect speakers to a PC. However, we warn you that for many of these alternatives you may have to invest in a connector adapter or converter. Everything will really depend on the type of connector on your speakers.

  • Through connection with Optical Cable: you identify it by the pentagonal shape of the connector. Whose originality is usually adapted to more up-to-date computers?
  • Connection with HDMI Cable: surely you know them and it is because they are also used under the same function with televisions. In addition to being able to transmit video images, it does it perfectly with the audio.
  • By RCA Cable Connection: integrates 3.5 mm Jack Input/Output connectors.

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Finally, I leave you this video in case you need extra help:

We say goodbye, hoping once again to have been able to resolve all your doubts. Surely, now you know what to use all those connection ports that your computer has and you had no idea.

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