How To Connect Speakers To PS3?

Even though the PS3 gives us almost everything in terms of entertainment, it is never enough. Nothing like debuting in your favorite game while feeling like you’re inside it, right? This perception can be obtained through amplified sound and is only possible when connecting speakers to PS3.

That’s right, fortunately, there are several ways to connect to the speakers from the PS3 that you will see below depending on your case. In general, everything is due to the type of connection of your speakers and the fixed connection of the audio output of the console. However, in some cases, the connection to your monitor also plays an important role.

We know that by design the Play Station 3 does not have a headphone audio output or a jack connection for speakers, these being the most common on the market. Which presents a serious problem for many users who do not know how to do it.

How To Connect Speakers To PS3! Methods

As we have mentioned before, this problem can be solved according to the type of speakers you have, along with their connection and other linked devices. For this reason, we have provided a list of cases or forms that will guide you correctly. Each one is based on frequently asked questions from many users on the net.

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1. AV Cable

Surely you have a monitor with HDMI input but no audio output or built-in speakers. Solution? Make use of the AV cable. Also, if your speaker has a 3.5 mm Jack output, you will need a conventional adapter for it, whose end is the one that will accept the RCA connections of the AV cable on the PS3, and another for the Jack type connector.

  • Please note the type of audio output of your speaker. Being Male or Female will determine the type of output connection of the Adapter.
  • Plug the serial AV cable into your PS3.
  • Next, connect the RCA connections of the AV cable to the Adapter, matching the cables with their respective colors ( red and white ).
  • Now, connect the Jack output of the Adapter to the speaker.
  • Last but not least, adjust the audio output settings on the PS3. Entering the [ Settings ] > [ Sound settings ] > [ Audio output settings ] > [ Audio / AV Multi input connector ] section and that’s it.

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AV Cable
AV Cable


Another way to connect the speakers to PS3 is through an HDMI to VGA adapter. As its name indicates, it works unidirectionally and adds a 3.5 mm Jack input port to its design to connect the speakers. Of course, it is only adaptable to those monitors that have a VGA input.

  • If you do not have an auxiliary cable with VGA Input/Output at home, you should invest in one, although for very little money because you will need it. Connecting one of its ends to the monitor and the other to the Adapter.
  • Then connect the HDMI output of the Adapter to the console.
  • Then, proceed to insert the Jack output connector of the speakers into the input port of the Adapter.
  • And finally, adjust the PS3 Audio Output following the same steps as in the previous case. This time select the HDMI option.

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3. Optical cable

Now, we will use the optical cable from the PS3 to connect your speakers. We know that not all audio equipment to be connected may have this input for it to work. However, the option of investing in a digital to analog converter with an auxiliary optical output cable is one of the best. Its genius lies in the fact that it also gives you a 3.5 mm jack input port compatible with speakers.

  • Connect the console to the Converter using the optical cable.
  • Then, connect the output jack cable of the speakers.
  • Once again, set the Audio Out option on the PS3, choosing the optical cable option and you are good to go.
Optical cable
Optical cable

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4. Bluetooth

Finally, we offer you the easiest and most comfortable option of all on how to connect Bluetooth speakers to PS3.

  • Start by turning on the speaker’s Bluetooth.
  • Next step, please go to the Settings section to pair the speaker with the console at: [ Accessory Settings ] > [ Manage Bluetooth Devices ] > [ Press “Yes” for the first time ] > [ Start Scan ] > [ Select Name Bluetooth Speaker ] > [ Enter Passcode “ 0000 ” ] and you are done.

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