How To Connect Speakers To PS4?

If you have come this far, it is probably because you have some common problems connecting the speakers to your PS4.

Are the audio inputs or outputs between both devices not compatible? Is the Bluetooth of the speaker you have not recognized by the console? Your monitor doesn’t provide audio output as an alternative or do you just have no idea how to do it? Calm.

Starting today you will learn how to raise the sound quality while you play games or play a video from your PS4. Although you have the PS4 or the PS4 Slim, here we mention certain alternatives to connect said console to the speakers.

How To Connect Speakers To PS4! Methods

The problem itself arises because the usual loudspeakers do not have a decoder capable of capturing the signal from this type of connection. Which requires external sources such as converters or compatible auxiliary cables to adapt them without problems.

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Ways to connect a speaker with the normal or slim ps4

It turns out that, unlike the PS3, the PS4 only offers two types of audio outputs. As they are: the Fiber Optic or Digital Output and the HDMI Out; being the first completely omitted in the design of the PS4 Slim.

The good news is that there are converters or auxiliary cables capable of linking your type of console to the speakers. In addition, today you have speakers that also have a Bluetooth connection to be able to link them. We put an end to your frustration and offer you the following options, super easy for you to do yourself.

1. Digital Audio to Analog Audio Converter

You need a Digital Audio to Analog Audio Converter. This type of device integrates an auxiliary optical output cable ( Digital Output ) so that you link the console on one side while on the other end you make the connection with the 3.5 mm Female Jack cable to finish connecting the speakers.

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Digital to Analog Audio Converter
Digital to Analog Audio Converter

The great detail of this converter is that it requires a constant power supply, so it incorporates a cable with a USB port. Which, although you can connect it directly to the console, is not very convenient. Since in the case of the PS4, only has two USB ports you will surely need to charge both controllers at the same time. It is better if you connect it to the light socket using an adapter.

2. HDMI Type Adapter or HDMI Converter

Another alternative that resolves how to connect speakers to PS4 is an HDMI type adapter or HDMI Converter. Its function is to convert the HDMI input signal into HDMI plus Audio output. Such a device also includes a USB power cable and as you can see you can use it to connect the speakers to PS4 Slim as well. Remember that you will need a 3.5 mm Jack auxiliary cable or another, depending on the type of audio output from the speakers.

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HDMI type adapter or HDMI Converter
HDMI type adapter or HDMI Converter

Before, make sure that this type of converter is compatible with equipment such as the PS4 Slim. So by connecting to the console through an HDMI cable, I generated the audio and video without problems. You can also disable this option in the settings section [ Settings ] > [ System ] > [ Enable HDCP ] and uncheck the box.

3. Bluetooth Adapter

For this particular case, we are referring to connecting Bluetooth speakers to PS4 and PS4 Slim. Even though we know that devices not approved by Sony are not compatible with the console, your solution to this will be a “PS4 Bluetooth Adapter/Dongle”. Since it has the ability to act as a bridge to link the console to the speaker.

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PS4 Bluetooth Adapter
PS4 Bluetooth Adapter
  • Connect the PS4 Bluetooth Adapter/Dongle to the USB port of the console.
  • Then turn on the Bluetooth of the speaker.
  • Now press and hold the search button on the Dongle for a few seconds so that it finds the speaker. You will notice that it starts blinking more quickly, but once it finds it stops showing a continuous light.
  • Go to the [ Settings ] > [ Devices ] > [ Audio Devices ] > [ Output Devices ] > [ USB Headphones ] / [ Output to Headphones ] > [ All Audio ] section. Adapt the volume of the headphones in the same section and that’s it.
  • If you adapt the microphone included in the Adapter, it is inserted into the remote. Later in the [ Adjust the microphone level ] section, you will be able to raise the level until you hear your voice clearly enough.

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How To Connect 2.1 Speakers To ps4?

If you’ve made it this far, we’re happy to let you know that you’re almost done. The task of connecting 2.1 speakers to PS4 can be done by following the details in Option 1 . Making use of a Digital to Analog Converter you can easily connect.

How To Connect 5.1 Speakers To Play Station 4?

Like the previous recommendation, you can use the same Convertor. Although, you can also use an Optical to Analog Digital Sound Decoder. This not only allows you to connect 5.1 speakers to PS4 directly but also 2.1 speakers. Provided that the speakers are already amplified, you will require an amplifier whose number of inputs is as many as the output of the decoder.

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