How To Connect Speakers To Samsung Tv?

Currently, it happens that TV sets are so compact that manufacturers end up giving priority to video components. For this reason, audio components, such as speakers, are a bit relegated. This leads us to wonder like crazy how to connect speakers to Samsung TV.

If this is your case, you are in the right place. Next, we will give you a brief tutorial with some tips so that you can effectively connect your Samsung television to your speakers, speakers, or audio system.

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Steps to connect a Samsung Smart TV

  1. The first thing you should know to connect speakers to Samsung Smart TVs is the output connectors that this equipment has. Usually, these models come with digital ports: Optical and HDMI ARC. Although it is possible that in older models you will find a 3.5mm Jack.
  2. Once you know which connectors you’re dealing with, you’ll need to compare them to the input ports on your speakers or sound equipment. This is in order to know what cable you are going to use to make the connection, and whether or not you need a port converter.
  3. Once you have made the connection, you must enable the auxiliary output-input to which you have connected the external speakers on your Smart TV. To do this you can go manually following this route (it varies depending on the model, but in general views, it is the same ): Settings >> Configuration >> Sound >> Speakers >> And select the “Audio System” option.
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Digital to Analog Audio Converter
Digital to Analog Audio Converter

To guarantee a better sound quality, we advise you to use the digital ports, being able to use an HDMI or fiber optic cable (optical port). The detail at this point is that you must make sure that your audio system also has these ports. Otherwise, you will have to resort to a digital to analog audio converter like the one in the image.

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Steps to connect speakers to Samsung Series 6 TV

We consider the Samsung TVs belonging to the 6 Series to be the best TVs in the Samsung mid-range. They have Dolby Digital Plus sound transmission and can range from 40 inches to 75 inches.

In matters of audio connectivity, we warn you that the most current models (2018 onwards) lack analog audio outputs. These correspond to the widely used Jack 3.5 mm and RCA.

On the contrary, the only outputs you will find on these devices are digital (HDMI ARC and Optical Output). In this sense, to connect speakers to Samsung Series 6 TVs, you must follow the steps specified in the previous section.

But you have to take into account the possible use of a digital to analog audio converter, in case your speakers or sound equipment do not have digital audio inputs.

How To Connect Speakers To Samsung Tv
How To Connect Speakers To Samsung Tv

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Steps to connect speakers to a Samsung Series 7 TV

For its part, the Series 7 of Samsung TVs, we consider the beginning of the high-end televisions of this brand. It has several notable differences from Series 6. However, these differences stand out in the realm of video, size, and accessibility.

Now, when it comes to audio or connectivity, Series 6 and 7 are pretty much the same. The detail in both is the one we mentioned earlier: the non-existence of analog audio outputs. This aspect, although it seems irrelevant, can complicate our lives if we do not take it into account.

You may wonder why Samsung has eliminated analog connections? The answer is simple: to ensure maximum audio quality. We know well that digital connections are capable of transmitting audio in superior quality, and this is the only thing that Samsung has wanted to implement in its models for a couple of years.

Knowing this, we summarize the steps to connect external speakers to a Samsung Series 6 or 7 TV:

  1. Connect one end of the digital audio cable to the input port of your audio system. Then connect the other end to the output port of the TV.
  2. The next thing will be to turn on your speakers or audio system.
  3. Finally, you must go to the TV Settings part and configure in the audio section, the exclusive use of External Speakers or Audio System.

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Can Bluetooth speakers be connected to my Samsung TV?

Of course! As long as your speakers or audio system support this type of wireless connection. In fact, it is well known that practically all Smart TV models, belonging to Series 6 and 7 onwards, have this type of connection.

  • To do so, just go to the Settings part of your TV. In the Audio/Sound section you can choose the type of speaker you want to use (Internal Speakers, External Speakers, or Bluetooth Speakers).
  • Once here, you must select the Bluetooth Speakers option, and the television system will begin to search for nearby Bluetooth signals. At this point, you should make sure that the signal from your audio system is turned on.
  • When you find the signal you want to connect to, just press the “Connect” option and your TV will be ready to transmit its audio to your speakers via Bluetooth.

We hope we have been of help to you. Remember to comment with us about any doubt or inconvenience you have in the installation. We are here to help you!

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