How to prevent cell phone overheating

If you’ve come to this article, you’re sure to be looking for ways to prevent your cell phone from overheating. This can happen due to several reasons and understand that not always, misuse can cause problems. But most of the time, through simple actions, you manage to stop having a hot cell phone. It is also important to pay attention to possible problems that are not due to misuse. You don’t have to go far to remember that we’ve had cases of cell phones overheating so much that it led to an explosion. Thinking to help you with this problem that can bring great damage, we’ve put together some tips on how to prevent your cell phone from overheating.

What is cellphone overheating

Cell phone overheating is a way for all the heat around the components to be flushed out of your phone. Basically, if you have a cell phone warming up, it could be due to a number of factors. The first one is more related to performance, where there are many applications running at the same time.

The same can happen if your phone is running an application that requires a lot of RAM and processor power. Thus, a cell phone overheating is dangerous because it is not within the proper temperatures. You can also have a cell phone warming up if it is exposed to high temperatures. It may seem like something really simple, but leaving our phone out in the sun or even in a car that’s been in the sun all day will cause our cell phone to overheat.

What can happen if a cell phone gets too hot?

Remembering that not every cell phone overheating can explode or stop working, but this is a high alert point. We can’t talk about cell phone warming up without mentioning one of the (if not the most) most famous cases of this subject. The year was 2016 and the Olympics in Brazil were happening. Samsung, taking advantage of this moment, then announced, the seventh generation of its line focused on productivity, Galaxy Note 7.

Being a really ambitious launch, it didn’t take time for the product to start giving buyers problems. Cases of cell phone overheating began to appear and fearing that an explosion would happen, several airlines even banned the model from entering their planes. The company even tried to repair its mistake, carrying out a recall that cost more than R$17 billion. Actions on how to prevent cell phone overheating were also sought by those who bought the model. But that didn’t do much good and the Galaxy Note 7 was discontinued.

A while after all the cases, one website found that the main factor of the cell phone heat was the design. When thinking about delivering beauty and performance in a smaller structure, Samsung ignored a basic rule: the space between the battery and the other components must be at least 0.5 millimeters.

On the Galaxy Note 7, this gap was 0.1mm and 0.3mm on the side. Lithium-ion batteries swell and this space is used for just that. With that in mind, when you notice that your cell phone has an unusual temperature, the smartest thing to do is first, put it to “rest”.

How to avoid overheating ?

If you have a cell phone warming on top, there are some good actions that can prevent this. The first one is to prevent the device from running too many applications at the same time. Many manufacturers are already allowing users to select which apps will run in the background or not. Even though they are not actually open, they can still require a strain on the processor, causing it to overheat.

Another action on how to avoid overheating the cell phone is to avoid using the device at high temperatures. More than anyone else, you know that Brazil is a naturally hot country, and almost every day there is a peak in temperature. Avoid using outdoors during this period. It is also important that you avoid using the cell phone while battery recharging is taking place. Naturally, because it is receiving power, the phone will already be warming up. So don’t give any more reasons for high temperatures to happen.

Finally, if you have a cell phone warming on top, it’s worth taking the phone to a specialist to see why this is happening. In many cases, replacing a single component can solve the problem. We’ve also already talked about dealing with cell phone overheating in a special feature, don’t miss it.

How to prevent cell phone overheating on hot days?

Global warming is causing such a huge rise in temperatures, and it’s not just us who can suffer from it. Our cell phones can get as hot as the day and you know this can cause a lot of damage. See tips on how to prevent your phone from overheating.

Look for places where the sun is not beating down on your house

The first tip is simple: don’t leave your phone in hot places. If the place where you live is very hot, look for places where the sunlight is not shining. Because they are technological, people think they can leave the devices anywhere. This can make an overheating cell phone a real danger.

Caipirinhas and hot days don’t mix

Despite protecting from any and all falls, know that the hoods work as a heat sink because they are receiving what is being put out. Thus, it is worth leaving these accessories at home on days when temperatures are higher. As we said, there are several apps that are running in the background, and on hot days, this works as a real booster for you to have a cell phone overheating. Thus, in addition to preventing applications from running in the background, choose to turn off mobile data and leave the screen as low as possible.

In addition to helping you save energy, this action will still require less processor power and less heat will be generated. If you could talk, your phone would actually thank you for it. At the same time, try not to push your device to the limit on hotter days. That’s because: the natural sun is already being a reason for the cell phone overheating phenomenon to happen, so why are you another driver of this?

Avoid leaving your phone in your pocket is one way to prevent your cell phone from overheating
Having a hot cell phone is definitely an issue and as long as you’re not using your phone, it’s a good thing to keep it from getting into your pocket. That’s because this place gets hot too, so whenever you’re out to solve a problem or even in a park, leave your cell phone in a shady place, and of course, well ventilated.

Never try to lower the temperature crudely

This tip may seem a little outdated, but many people think that putting the phone to low temperatures when the device is very hot can solve this problem. It turns out that by doing that, you’ll have another problem. So it’s better to close all applications and make settings that will help the processor to work as little as possible.

Placing an overheating cell phone inside a refrigerator can cause permanent damage and the warranty will not always be responsible for this error. Thus, when you have a device with high temperatures on hand, let it automatically cool down. Many manufacturers are automatically programming the cell phone to lower its temperature whenever a peak of attention is reached.

What to do to cool the cell phone?

As we said earlier, it’s better to let your phone cool down on its own than it is for you to do it for the device. Understand that: putting the same at low temperatures won’t make the cell phone overheating problem solved in seconds. And that can bring issues that the warranty might not cover.

Leave your phone in an airy place that doesn’t get sunlight. It’s worth leaving the phone warm in a corner so that it can cool down. It’s worth closing all the applications that were running at the time the device was at high temperatures and even lowering the screen brightness. Just like putting the device in Airplane Mode.

What happens when the phone gets too hot?

Clearly, all the internal parts of your cell phone start to receive a temperature they were not designed to withstand. This is why many people say that a product “is frying”. In more extreme cases the products got so hot that the heat consumed the components. A classic example is the Galaxy Note 7, as we said at the beginning of the text.

So don’t try to take your cell phone any further than it can go. If for example, you are trying to run a game that requires more than the processor can handle, be aware that you may have problems. One of the main ways to avoid overheating your cell phone is to always use it according to what the device really can handle.

One of the ways to prevent cell phone overheating is to use moderately

Now with these tips, you know what you need to avoid problems with your device, but it is also important to remember that your phone should not be pushed to the limit, especially more than once a day. Because global warming is on the rise, our days are getting warmer. The role of phone owners, then, is to understand how to prevent the phone from overheating. Therefore, follow all the above tips to the letter.

In addition to preventing your phone from being taken for assistance for at least a while, you also contribute so that the device does not have its useful life so shortened. It is important that the user is not a problem, but rather, prevent high temperatures from reaching cell phones.

Do you have any tips on how to prevent cell phone overheating? Comment with us!

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