How to remove watermark from photos and videos with HitPaw

Photo and video editing won’t be more difficult now: see how to remove watermarks from photos and videos with no fuss

You may have come across photos or videos that have a “watermark” that can be used to embellish the content or register their author. Removing watermark may be necessary in some editing jobs, for example, and today we’ll show you how to do it with the HitPaw program, check it out!

Before we can see the tutorial on how to remove the watermark on photos or videos, you need to go to the official HitPaw website and download the program. On the website you can get a free sample of the program or buy it, in both cases, HitPaw for Windows or Mac devices can be downloaded. After downloading the program, install it. After installation, click “ Start ”.

Once the installation is complete, you will be presented with the program’s home page, where you will be able to choose between Remove Watermark from Video and Remove Watermark from Image. Let’s start with the first:

How to remove watermark from videos

When opening the HitPaw Watermark Remover application, click on the top left tab, “ Remove Watermark from Video ”;

After that, click on the purple button in the center, “ Select file ” and choose the video we are going to work with in this case, you can also drag the file and drop it in the space delimited in the center. At this point, some suggestions will appear about which editions are possible in the program. Click Finish to end the introduction;

You will now be sent to the video editing tool. In it, there are four options to remove the watermark, as follows: Soft Fill, Gaussian Blur, Color Fill and stamps Fill. The options depend on the type of removal you want to apply. The yellow selection is where you will apply the removal, so frame right where the watermark should be removed. Now let’s see what each would look like to unmark in our example;

  • Smooth Fill: will apply a slight distortion at the indicated location;
  • Gaussian Blur: will apply a blur, leaving the delimited area illegible and indiscernible according to the percentage you want, from zero to one hundred, being zero, no blur and 100, completely blurred;
  • Color Fill: will apply a solid color to the delimited area, according to the standard colors offered by the program. You can click on the last option (eyedropper icon) and choose a color that exists in the video content if the color you want to apply is not among those suggested;
  • Filling in Stamps: in this last option, you can choose, in a specific place, what will be under the watermark. This function also has a bar containing the percentage of dark outline that will remain in the stamp, from zero to one hundred, with zero being the minimum possible darkening, and 100, the edges are very thick and dark;

After finishing the watermark removal, click on the purple button in the lower right corner “ Remove & Export ”. After loading the program, a message will appear informing you of the success of the operation and an option to “ Open folder ”, which will open the destination folder with the edited video file, with the watermark removed.

How to remove watermark from photos and images

Now, to remove the watermark from images, let’s go to our tutorial:

Open the HitPaw Watermark Remover application and click on the right tab “ Remove Watermark from Image ”, then, just like in the video, click on “ Select file ” or drag the photo/image you want to work to the indicated location;

Similar to the video tool, to remove watermark from images, the application will also provide options to remove, being them

  • Soft Fill: Used to remove watermarks faster, especially on solid color images;\
  • Edge Fill: Also suggested for a single color image, it will edit from the outside in;
  • Texture Repair: This is already used for places where the colors are mixed, performing an edition in a certain area according to a determined interval.

Unlike video editing, by which the delimited area is already pre-defined, here you must select the location where the editing will be performed. After that, you can choose between one of the Removal Modes, on the right side and click on “Remove Now” to complete the action;

Among the available tools are:

  • Select Selection : being able to change the shapes to square, triangle or, in the brush, you can freely select the place by which the removal will be carried out;
  • Zoom & Move : you can perform zoom in or zoom out of the image, or choose the hand icon to move the image and see it in more detail;
  • Undo/Redo : with the first button you undo your last action, the second button redo your last action and on the last button you bring the image back to its original shape.

After selecting where you want to edit, click “ Remove Now ” to finish removing the watermark;

You can still click “ Replace ” to select another photo or image you want to remove the watermark on. Now click “ Export ” to save the image. If you click “ Open Folder ”, the location where the file was saved will be opened.

How to remove watermarks quickly

Although the application is cheap and very easy to use, it also offers a list containing suggestions from online, offline, and via app-editors of images and videos to help you in moments when the only solution is quick access. Through the HitPaw website you can check this list!


The HitPaw watermark remover delivers a quality job, considering that it makes edits to videos and photos for a below-average price, US$9.99 ( about R$52 ) a year, you’re sure to get it. will be able to make all your edits. Even for those who are inexperienced, who are looking for a more affordable alternative, and who still do quality edits, with HitPaw you can find these two things in one application.

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