How to transfer WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android

Purchasing a new smartphone also means having to migrate all the information from the old device to the new one. Of course, operating systems today make this process easier, but there are some operations that are more complex than others. How to transfer WhatsApp conversations from iPhone to Android, which is perhaps one of the most complicated tasks.

The good news is that, finally, WhatsApp will have a simpler way to transfer the conversation history in the app to different systems. With the new feature, users can retrieve conversation history, media files, and WhatsApp profile data on another smartphone by making a Whatsapp backup

According to information from WABetaInfo if you want this app to visit APK SAVERS, which usually anticipates news from the messaging service, there are still no details on when the function will be released, but it should happen soon. The site also highlights that the tests for the migration service were made to the beta version of Android

In the image posted on Twitter from WABetaInfo, a screen appears with the guidelines to move the conversation history and media files (photos, videos, audios) to iOS.


According to the company, to pass WhatsApp conversations from one system to another it will be necessary to have at least version 10 of Android. For iOS, WhatsApp has not yet set the criteria, but it should also require some minimally updated version (probably iOS 12 or 13).

Remember that the function will be released gradually. That is, for now, only new Samsung cell phones — Galaxy line — or with the system restored from the factory will be able to use the feature. The user will also need a USB-C Lightning type connector (the same one that comes on the charger on newer iPhones) to perform the migration.

Another requirement is that you continue to use the same phone number when switching from iPhone to Android. It doesn’t have to be the same carrier chip, but it needs to be the same number to receive the two-factor authentication SMS when logging into the app.

How to transfer WhatsApp conversations?

The migration is done through the Smart Switch Mobile application, which is already pre-installed on some Samsung phones. It is already used to migrate photos and SMS messages from an old iPhone, but now it will also be able to bring messages from WhatsApp.

Through the application, the account data transfer process makes a backup of WhatsApp: profile picture, individual and group conversations, conversation history, media files, and settings, but call history, your name are left out of view, and even the payments and charges you’ve made using WhatsApp.

After the migration, your WhatsApp data is still available on the iPhone as well, but since the app only works on one phone at a time, you will no longer be able to use it on iOS unless you sign out of your Android account.

The feature is now available in version or later of Samsung’s Smart Switch Mobile app; in version or later of WhatsApp for iOS; and WhatsApp for Android version or later.

How to transfer WhatsApp conversations between iOS and Android

How to transfer WhatsApp conversations between iOS and Android
  • Power on your Android smartphone. Once prompted, connect your device to the iPhone using the USB-C Lightning cable;
  • Follow the steps displayed on Samsung’s Smart Switch Mobile ;
  • Use the iPhone camera to scan the QR code displayed on the Android device;
  • Tap “Start” on iPhone and wait for the process to complete;
  • Continue setting up the Android device;
  • When you finish setting up Android, open WhatsApp and access your account with the same phone number used on the iPhone;
  • Tap “Import” and wait;
  • Ready. At the end of the process, your old conversations will already be available on WhatsApp.

What if it goes wrong?

As it is a new function, it is possible that an error may occur in some processes. That’s why it’s important to check if the apps are up to date. Furthermore, it is also important that the user does not configure WhatsApp on the new smartphone before starting the transfer. This is because, if you have confirmed your phone number on WhatsApp on your new cell phone, you will not be able to retrieve the messages.

If this happens with your device, to retrieve your message history, you must delete the app from the new mobile phone, confirm it on the old smartphone, and then start the process over again. It is also important to remember that the procedure is only valid for users who will keep the same phone number, as WhatsApp cannot transfer the message history between different numbers.

WhatsApp claims there will be no hassle transferring conversation history between iPhone and Android. The platform worked out a viable solution to securely transfer conversations without compromising your privacy, as might happen if you use third-party software.

WhatsApp also confirmed that more Android makers will have access to the new migration feature in the coming months, but did not say which or when the new feature will be expanded.

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