14 Ruffled Hair – Pretty and Unique Designs

If you are looking for a hairstyle and look change, but don’t want to compromise on your hair length, then look no further! We show you 14 Ruffled Haircuts, a perfect haircut so that you do not lose the length of your hair in case you want to keep it as it is, but, yes so that you have a new and fresh change and also if you want to have a little more volume in your hair, you can have it.

For stylists, the term “knotted” or also known as a layered cut, means that the hair is cut in such a way that the ends of the individual hairs fall at different points from each other. It is not a haircut where the ends are straight but they are in different lengths.

There are different knotted haircuts, it can be the V-cut, knurled in layers, knotted at the tips inward or outward. Straightening is used to add volume in cases where the hair is so heavy by its own length that it becomes flat at the top of the head.

It is also used to remove volume or redistribute fullness in frizzy hair. A given hairstyle can use layered sections and blunt cut sections to create specific styles or address specific issues. For any of these reasons, get inspired by the following 14 knotted haircuts that we will show you right now and get the result you want so much.

Pretty and unique designs -14 Ruffled Haircuts

1.- Straight knurled cut

The first of the 14 knotted haircuts is straight. It is the most common and typical where the tips are layered with different lengths that can be two or three throughout the hair. In this case, it is in two layers and they are ends that go down completely.

Straight knurled cut

2.- Long 4-layer knurling

Of course, the longer your hair is, the more layers you can shank your hair. In this case, in the photo we can count up to 4 layers that, unlike the previous one, this ends a bit with the final tip of the hair in a totally straight V.

Long 4-layer knurling

3.- Cut completely in V

We love this haircut, we think it is one of the most elegant. There is no layered cut but it falls straight down to form a V, the peak of the tip is the finest which conveys a stylized look in the hair. To make the knurled V cut much more noticeable, it is recommended to use it smoothly.

Cut completely in V

4.- V cut with light waves

If you want to add some light waves to your graduated V cut, then this could be your perfect cut, which falls naturally without the need for a hair straightener. Similarly, if they are light, the V-knurled tip will be beautifully noticeable.

V cut with light waves

5.- Cut knurled layers with waves

Unlike the # 2 haircut on this list, this knotted cut contains layers with soft waves. They do not fall completely straight but instead produce beautiful light waves that can go in or out.

Cut knurled layers with waves

6.- Knurling to give volume

If you want to create volume in your hair, the ruffled cut is one of the best options that stylists will surely introduce you to. The knurling should start from the top of the hair and work its way down to the ends. If they go outwards better since it creates the illusion that you have enough hair and it is beautiful.

Knurling to give volume

7.- Ribbed fringe

If you have a fringe and you no longer know how to use it or want to have it but in a different way, then fringed fringe to the side may be your best option. By having it on one side, it will join with the rest of your hair giving you a very natural and light look of your hair.

Ribbed fringe

8.- Soft layer knotted curls

Perhaps in the front part, you cannot see much, but in the back, you can see the layers with the soft knurling in the curls. If you leave your hair straight from the top and the ends are only those with waves, it will give your hair a spectacular volume and very natural.

Soft layer knotted curls

9.- Long knurled shaggy

Shaggy hair is one of the cuts that give you the most volume in your hair and if you add knurling, even more. You can use it with or without a fringe, it depends on how you want it. And, also, soft waves are very important for very grunge and perfect look.

Long knurled shaggy

10.- Asian style knurling

The Asian cuts ever come more to light and are positioned very well on fashion trends in terms haircut is concerned. In this case, the knurling goes through the entire hair, being a little shorter at the top so that only a few thin strands remain at the bottom.

Asian style knurling

11.- Elegant ruffled bob

We love the bob cut, it is very elegant and sophisticated. Only those women who have confidence of themselves will be able to wear this cut. This is a variation of the bob cut where the ends are not completely straight but knurling is added to have even more style.

Elegant ruffled bob

12.- Ruffled cut short hair

Don’t worry, we also had thought about showing pretty designs in knotted cuts for short hair. In this case, if you have short hair but don’t mind showing more volume, then go for knurling. You can use it with waves or without them.

Ruffled cut short hair

13.- Short shaggy knurling

The shaggy cut as you already know gives you an edgy look. They’re a great way to add texture, volume, and depth to your style (and they look, like, super cool). Go for a short shaggy to look cute and elegant. You can add a fringe of any length you want for more style.

Short shaggy knurling

14.- Shaggy bob knurling

The knurled shaggy bob is a combination of the bob that goes short at the nape but with the knurling and more volume of the shaggy. If you were looking for a unique and different cut, this is yours. If you are not afraid to have a bit of ruffling in your short hair, go for it!

Shaggy bob knurling

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