Short hair with bangs: 15 photos with original ideas

One of the great doubts that a girl has when she wants to change her look is whether to wear her hair with bangs or not. Therefore, we have brought you some photos of short hair with bangs that you will love and that will motivate you to cut your hair today. The first thing we should know is that since 2000 the bangs have been worn in various styles: straight, blunt, short or long, even in some cases too long.

The blunt bangs

The bangs are an accessory that will help you frame your face, we want to help you know which is the ideal according to your type of face.

Short hair with bangs: which one suits me best

1-. The blunt bangs

The blunt bangs

This type of bang is ideal for all girls who have elongated faces, have a wide forehead, and it is also very flattering for round faces that wear them on one side.

The cuts with which you can accompany this type of bangs are straight, layered, or bob haircuts.

2-. The straight bangs

The straight bangs

The classic of all bangs, this one suits a large part of the faces, but it favors oval faces much more, while round faces do not favor much. The straight bangs can be worn in two different ways, short or long.

3-. The short bangs

The short bangs

This one is perfect for women who like to be cooler and without discomfort. This type of bang goes very well with pixie haircuts. Short bangs can be worn in many different ways, sideways, pointed, or diagonally. The most suitable faces for this type of short bangs are round ones.

4-. Long bangs

Long bangs

It is very favorable for round faces if you wear them on one side, to do so it is very important that you have a slightly longer mane like the Bob, also it will not matter if you have curly or completely straight hair.

5-. The open bangs

The open bangs

The open bangs are one of the most seen in recent times, this is a straight cut that is worn by opening the bangs in half like a curtain. You can combine with different cuts of short hair for women as layered and are suitable for faces more elongated or square.

6-. The EMO bangs

The EMO bangs

This type of cut is worn by the youngest, the bangs are essential in this cut.

It is usually worn on its side so that the eyes are covered. Let’s see some images for you to choose yours in case you have an emo cut and want to change it. Layers always accompany the emo haircut with bangs, as do the highlights.

7-. V bangs

V bangs

The fringes in v are characterized by having a point that aligns with the nasal bridge, it can be worn with any type of cut; The famous Natalia Oreiro was one of the women who dared to wear this haircut with bangs in v. It goes with all types of faces.

8-. Bangs for 50-year-old women

Bangs for 50-year-old women

Haircuts with bangs for women over 50 are ideal for women who want to renew their cut and give their faces more freshness. For this reason, we will give you several options of haircuts with bangs, we know that you will love them. The cuts that you will see favor elongated faces.

How to cut the bangs?

It is no longer necessary to go to the hairdresser to cut your bangs, cut it yourself, it is very easy and simple. You will learn to make a straight bang cut step by step.

Before starting the cut, you have to have several considerations, for example, if we wet the bangs and cut more than normal when drying it can be shorter than desired. That is why it is recommended to cut it dry when it is your first time.

Another recommendation is to cut little by little until you achieve the desired length. To make this cut it is necessary to have hair cutting scissors and a comb.

It is very important that you take good care of the health of your hair, as its dryness could be much more noticeable in a fringe.

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