STRAIGHT Haircuts for WOMEN – 14 Ideas for a Makeover

When women are born or naturally have straight hair, they complain because they want to have curls or waves. The prototype of normal hair among women is straight, thin, and straight hair. Although many complain, there are so many cuts and hairstyles that can be had with this type of hair. We present you with 14 ideas for a change of look between straight haircuts for women.

Just as you read, there are so many options when it comes to having a makeover for women with straight hair and, if you have it long, even better. Among the knurled, the fringes, play with the volume, make waves if you wish and undo them whenever you want, go for long to medium hair or medium to short.

Another advantage and benefit of having straight hair are that you can play with your hair and make conventional braids or fishtail hairstyles, you will not need to use some products such as gels or fixatives as when you have curly hair, it is easily combed, it washes quickly and can be dried quickly. If you want to use the iron or hairdryer, you also don’t need much time to straighten it even more compared to curly hair.

Anyway, love your straight hair, because you will surely accept it when you have a nice makeover with these 14 ideas of straight haircuts for women that we bring you next.

14 straight haircut ideas for women

1.- Long Bob with inward tips

The first cut of the 14 straight haircuts for women is the long bob or lob, with the ends inwards. If you have straight hair, this cut will give your look a lot of elegance and more if you like to show part of your neck, clavicles and shoulders. It is very sophisticated and attractive. You can wear it like this with the party in the middle, with a straight fringe or to the side.

Long Bob with inward tips

2.- Long bob with knotted layers

This other long bob or lob is a bit different from the previous one mainly because it is layered. You can see the bob part in the first top layer and then the lob at the bottom. The knurling is perfect on lobs to create much more volume than normal, in case they have very little hair. This cut will flatter you.

Long bob with knotted layers

3.- Lob knurled forward in V

We love this cut, if you also don’t want to have hair that is neither so short nor so long, the lob tapered forward in a V will be ideal. The V-ends create an effect as if you have hair a little longer, they create an illusion and that is what you are surely looking for if you want a cut of medium length but not straight. The idea is that you use it forward so that the effect of V tips is noticeable.

Lob knurled forward in V

4.- Straight lob in V

Unlike the previous cut, this long straight bob with the V-ends is firmer and creates a little less volume compared to the knurling that the previous model has. This cut will also favor you a lot in case you want a cut neither so long nor so short, you can leave it above the shoulders or go a little lower than these. In addition, the straight V cut flatters your face if you have it round making it thinner.

Straight lob in V

5.- Blunt with tips inwards5.- Blunt with tips inwards

This is Kim Kardashian’s favorite cut, very elegant and sophisticated, for those who are sure of themselves. Although the blunt is similar to the long bob or the bob, it does not have knurling or is not shorter at the nape of the neck. The length of the tips is totally the same, this being the main difference. You can wear it right where your neck ends or leave it a little longer.

Blunt with tips inwards5.- Blunt with tips inwards

6.- Layered Lob

To create a lot of volumes, the layered lob from above is favorable. When you have it forward you may not notice it long, but when you see it from behind it will give that aspect. Although, you can cut the ends a little more, to have it above the shoulders, just or a little lower as shown in the photo.

Layered Lob

7.- Blunt with straight tips

This haircut unlike the number 5, the tips are totally straight inline without going inwards. The effect of the tips inward is done with the hairdryer or with the iron, obviously, it is that to have it straight in line it also requires the iron.

blunt with straight tips

8.- Long knurling in layers

If you have long, straight hair, then a layered bob like this is sure to delight you. With the blow dryer, you can cause the ends to lift up to give your hair a bit of volume and movement. You can use it with the straight knurled tips also if you don’t want to have it up. Knurling with V-cut tips is also another option.

Long knurling in layers

9.- Straight grafialdo and then points out

Contrary to the previous cut, in this one, the hair falls from the top in a straight way and then the ends are lifted outwards to give a touch of natural waves to the knurling. Very beautiful and super cute. Waves in this way will give your hair movement.

Straight grafialdo and then points out

10.- Medium knurling with fringe on one side

Without waves or tips outward or upward, this cut consists of having all the hair as straight as possible, with a slight knurling at the ends and a small wave of the fringe that goes to the side. It is very elegant and sexy.

Medium knurling with fringe on one side

11.- Simple straight with straight fringe

The long, straight hair is naturally beautiful, sexy, and classic. You can change your look by adding a straight fringe, believe me, you will notice the change on your face.

Simple straight with straight fringe

12.- Hairstyle with waterfall braids

Now that we have finished the haircuts for straight hair, we bring you some hairstyle options. In this case, it is the waterfall braid hairstyle, beautiful, very fairy tale princess style.

Hairstyle with waterfall braids

13.- Hairstyle with crown braid

This other hairstyle would be two braids that come from each temple and join to form a crown that falls and joins with the other strands of your hair.

Hairstyle with crown braid

14.- Hairstyle with high ponytail and braids

Finally, if you have long straight hair, a high ponytail is a classic look, beautiful and perfect for the days when you don’t want to have it down. Add some braids as decoration.

Hairstyle with high ponytail and braids

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