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There are times when we look in the mirror and we are not happy with the hair we have. We want to have something different and we don’t know what. Actually, there are many styles of haircuts to make it look natural, different, and like new. This time I want to talk to you about the V-Shaped Haircut at the ends, what you must do to have it like this, and we will also show you images as inspiration.

It should be noted that this peak haircut can be had by a woman with long, medium, or short hair without any problem. Also, people with curly hair can also have this hair.

Unlike the straight haircut, now in the back, the ends will form a V, that is, it will go from each side from the shortest to the longest. In the front, when you put your hair above your shoulders, it will also look very cute and natural.

This is a haircut that lasts a long time and that to keep it that way you only have to periodically go to the beauty salon to have it tailored if you are one of those women who grow hair very fast.

Let’s start with the peak haircut styles and then we could tell you how to do it yourself at home, although it is best to have a professional do it for you.

V – Shaped Haircut

1.- Long and smooth V cut

Long and smooth V cut

For those girls who have super long hair and are bored of having straight hair, this is the cut that will give them a new look and freshness in their hair. It looks very cute and sexy

2.- In peak V and in layers

In peak V and in layers

For girls with long hair but not that long, this V-cut with light layers looks very cute and delicate.

3.- In pico V with waves

In pico V with waves

One of my favorites, if you are one of those girls who form natural waves, this v-shaped haircut will make you look like a princess. It can be for long, medium, or short hair.

4.- Wide V cut

Wide V cut

In this haircut, the V-shaped spike should be slightly wider to give the hair more volume from top to bottom.

5.- Wide and layered V cut

Wide and layered V cut

It is very similar to the number 4 cut, the difference is that this v-cut has a slight layered cut to create a more beautiful, sexy and modern effect .

6.- Round V cut

Round V cut

Not as stretchy, not spiky, it’s around V-cut and also a slight cut on the layers to give it a bit more volume.

7.- Super weevil V cut

Super weevil V cut

A more grunge and rocker style is this super peaked V-style haircut. The point as sharp as possible and also the layered cut should be as sharp. It looks great with long hair .

8.- V-cut for curly hair

V-cut for curly hair

As we have mentioned before, curly hair can also have a V-cut cut. As you can see in the image, your hair could be yours. It is a sexy and very pretty look.

9.- V-cut for short hair

V-cut for short hair

Just as women with curly hair can have a V-shaped cut, women with short hair can also and as it looks in the photo, it can be yours.

It will give you more volume in your hair and also with a light layering it will give you the cool look.

10.- In peak V with pigtail

In peak V with pigtail

A ponytail with a V-shaped haircut will look very cute, different. If you plan to have this hair, go for it, we assure you that you will love it. It is a haircut style that suits all faces, especially those with round faces.

How to cut your hair in a V shape?
In fact, cutting hair is easy, but if you do not have experience, do not do it yourself at home, but it is best to go with a professional. However, we will tell you the steps to cut your hair in a V shape:

  • Wash your hair very well with shampoo and rinse.
  • Dry it a little with the towel gently without it dripping.
  • Then comb your hair all the way forward from the nape of the neck.
  • Then in front, part the hair exactly in two in the middle.
  • Start cutting one of those halves from top to bottom in a V shape.
  • Repeat with the other part and when you release your hair back you will have it in the shape of a V peak.

You can use a mirror to see how it has been and refine it in case any tip is longer than it should.

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