What is bitcoin?

Much is said about the currency that has been growing exponentially: Bitcoin. Not just in popularity, but in value as well. Nowadays a unit of bitcoin is worth around 45 thousand dollars, that is, around 240 thousand reais. We’ll talk about the Crypto-Time Machine tool, it shows how much profit you would have if you had invested a certain amount in a certain period. Check out how!

What is bitcoin?

Although we have said that bitcoin is on the rise, there are certainly those who don’t know anything about the subject and also those people who have heard of it but aren’t quite sure what it is.

Although we have said that bitcoin is on the rise, there are certainly those who don’t know anything about the subject and also those people who have heard of it but aren’t quite sure what it is.

Adherence to bitcoin is gradual, we even see examples such as Tesla, a car company, which is accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. In another case, the country El Salvador is also accepting bitcoin as a currency for transactions in the territory.

In view of such adhesion and the significant value of the currency, understanding what it is, how it works, how to buy and everything related to it is necessary nowadays. Today we will be showing a tool called “Crypto-Time Machine” which is focused on checking average bitcoins that could be invested. If you were interested in buying bitcoins and want to know how to visit the Bitcoin Guide and enjoy all the guidelines!

Crypto-Time Machine

Through the Bitcoin Guide website, you can access the Crypto-Time Machine tool, allowing you to evaluate aspects of bitcoin’s value at the time, how much it is currently worth, profits, losses, and current capital. You can look at all of this information from the first day of 2016 to the last day of 2020 — we’ll probably be able to see the 2021 dates later. See how to use the Crypto-Time Machine tool:

What is bitcoin
  • Enter the amount you would like to check if you had invested (or if you had actually invested this amount) in the first field, “ If I had invested ”;
  • Just below, in the “ in ” field, choose which cryptocurrency you would like to simulate. By default, the page already offers Bitcoin as a suggestion, but it is possible to conduct research on the most diverse crypto coins, such as the also known Ethereum, or Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, and more than fifteen crypto coins that are available in this option;
  • In the third field, “ On ”, select the date by which you would like to check. Remembering that it is only available, for the time being, between the periods between 01/01/2016 until 12/31/2020;
  • After filling in all the required fields, click on the red “ Calculate ROI ” button below.

Ready! After following all the steps you will see, on the right side, the information according to your search. Among the information provided, you can view:

  • Purchase price : how much bitcoin (or the cryptocurrency you choose) cost at the time you performed the survey;
  • Current BTC price : how much is bitcoin currently worth. Remember that if you change the requested cryptocurrency, the abbreviation will also change. In the same way that, when performing the calculation using bitcoin, the acronym will be BTC, when searching for Ethereum, for example, the acronym will be shown as ETH
  • Profit/loss : shows you, in percentage, how much profit or loss you would have in relation to the investment made. In cases of profit, you will see the plus (+) symbol, the profit number followed by the percentage and the whole set will be in green;
  • Current capital : how much capital you currently have according to the survey you have carried out.

You can still check two curiosities in this part on the right, they are a frame with the icon of world-famous brands like Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook with a circle around it. When you place your mouse cursor over one of these icons, you will be able to see how much money that company earned by investing in the cryptocurrency of your survey at that time. Just below this chart, you can also see how much each of these companies profited, in percentage, with a better view of the amounts.

Very cool Time Crypto Machine, isn’t it? Go here, see how it works and tell us what you think of this tool that helps not only those who already deal with crypto coins but also those who are curious about the subject!

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