What Is The Soundbar For?

Welcome to this new article where we will find out together what a soundbar is for and why you need it.

In general, TV sound is very confusing and low quality unless you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars for a television or to install a full stereo system.

What is a soundbar?

If you are not familiar with soundbars, you are not alone, they have become very popular in recent years thanks to their great performance, but also with their unique and modern design.

Soundbars are very easy to install speaker systems that are generally placed under the television.

They allow you to “replace” the built-in speakers of a TV, with a better quality external system, in order to guarantee a better sound experience.

What is the Soundbar for
What is the Soundbar for

What is the soundbar used for?

The Soundbar serves to offer listeners a better audio experience than the TV’s built-in speakers, which in most cases are of low quality.

In fact, at the moment televisions are not designed for audio or for listening to music, the slim design makes it difficult to achieve robust sound, so the only solution is to connect external speakers.

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Why buy a soundbar?

Soundbars are the middle ground between cheap and expensive speakers, in fact, soundbars were invented to solve the problem consumers had when choosing between poor sound quality and an expensive surround system. Growing consumer interest in soundbars has led to great advances in technology, but also a disadvantage for fans of external speakers.

Another reason to buy a soundbar is for TVs’ built-in speakers. As TVs are getting thinner, there is less room to insert speakers. This means that the built-in speakers are getting weaker and with low audio quality.

You may have noticed that some modern TVs don’t even have built-in speakers anymore, in fact, TV makers assume you’ll buy a soundbar to complete the experience. If you don’t know which soundbar to buy, I suggest you read the dedicated article ” Best Soundbars “.

How can soundbars replace surround speakers?

A soundbar is a long and thin component that houses multiple speakers and advanced technology that allows, despite its small size, to offer a respectable acoustic experience.

In fact, a soundbar ensures that all the sound waves reach every single corner, making you feel like you are enveloped in sound.

Put simply, a soundbar is a less expensive way to mimic the benefits of a surround sound system, as they are quite inexpensive and easy to install, they have become popular enough to “replace” a surround sound system.

How do the Soundbars work?

The soundbars are equipped with a lot of technology that does more than just manage the speakers, in fact, the component works by sending different waves and sound beams that bounce off the walls.

Some soundbars allow you to calibrate to best suit the environment, which means you’ll avoid dead zones and enjoy great sound as a result.

The same thing can also be achieved through your soundbar’s EQ settings.

What should a soundbar have?

  • Remote Control: You may not think about it, but the remote control is really handy for managing playback.
  • Connectivity: Soundbars usually have HDMI, USB, Optical, and Coaxial ports, however, not all soundbars have the same number and types of ports.
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth connectivity is another great feature that is very useful, especially for streaming music.
  • Audio Support: All soundbars support some types of sound, but models equipped with surround speakers are compatible with most sources, such as Dolby, DTS-X, DTS-HD, Master-Audio, and others.

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